The tales of Charlemagne's knights still influence us today and this is reflected in Chaos Reborn with the inclusion of the popular fantasy role playing game Creature Unit, the Paladin. This mighty holy warrior comes armed with a fail that it gives him an impressive attack strength of 50 whilst his armour will shield him from many a blow with a defence strength of 70. An Undead Slayer with the Retaliate special ability gifting a form of opportunity fire, the Paladin is a serious threat to your enemies and able to inflict damage on a large number of their troops in one fell swoop.

The Paladin’s Mega-spell is the Company of Paladins which summons two of these mighty knights to do battle for you and can be found only on the Law and Creatures staff making such an enchanted stave a rather prized possession to have.

With a Casting Chance of 40% or a Mana Cost of 60, Paladin’s are one of those powerful beings that a Wizard with wisdom will plan for. However, once fighting for you they pose a real and deadly threat to all those that cross you.

Game LoreEdit

“What are you?” Katya asked. “I don’t know,” Brynfrid said, lowering her weapon. “But whatever I am, I swear, by Odin, I’ll protect you.”

Paladins are transformed mortals, forged into enchanted suits of armour. The purity of their faith and commitment blends with the magic ritual to make them hardy and immortal, living until their armour rusts and dissolves around them.

From The Loremaster's Guide
by Allen Stroud & Julian Gollop

Special AbilitiesEdit

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Mega-spell Edit

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