The Order of the Dragon are an Order based on Limbo.

Game LoreEdit

Janos of Sredets is remembered as being the first half breed Nephilim to be given the blood drinker curse. The powers granted to Janos were fearsome indeed, but they changed him physically as well and he soon grew sensitive to light and the prying eyes of the ignorant.

In the last days, many scions of Janos rose up across the slums of Europe infecting all they could find and creating cults that would destabilise cities and kingdoms. In the days after, many of these hardy monsters survived and gathered others to them, spreading their depravations amidst the gifted and mortals alike. The Order of the Dragon is a powerful horsemen cabal the dwells in the curved Tower of Unguis. In some ways, they have lost the way of their founders and been forced to adopt codes and laws of behaviour else the blood curse would have wiped them out long ago.

From The Loremaster's Guide
by Allen Stroud & Julian Gollop

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