A Neutral Staff is a type of Staff in Chaos Reborn. It primarily focuses on Neutral Spells, such as the Rat Pack, Giants, Subversions and Magic Bolts.

Mega Spells Edit

Mega Spell Mega Spell Cost
Mega Bolt 58-76
Raise Hell 58-76
Percussion of Giants 46-64
Convocation of Eagles 46-54
Herd of Elephants 46-54
Swarm of Rats 39-57
Pride of Lions 46-64
Mass Subversion 46-64
Cluster of Spiders 46-64
Mega Tangle Vines 42-60
Mass Petrification 50-68
Bolt Towers 50-68
Storm Rider 50-68
Tempest of Elementals 46-64

Game Lore Edit

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On the Battle Map Edit

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