Equipment - Talisman - Mana Binding
Mana Binding Talismans are fitted into Mana Binding Slots found on Staffs but not Bodygear. When Activated, which can only be done once, Mana is converted from the environment as per each talisman's characteristics and added the casting Wizard's Mana Pool.



Max Mana


Glyph & Ward

Mana Acculum + Number of Turns * 1.5 30
Equipment - Talisman - Mana Acculum
Mana Corruptus + Cosmic Balance Shift * 0.8 30
Equipment - Talisman - Mana Corruptus
Mana Fantisium + Illusions Slain or Disbeleived * 15 30
Equipment - Talisman - Mana Fantisium
Mana Mortificum + (Living Creatures Slain + Wizards Slain / Number of Wizards) * 8 30
Equipment - Talisman - Mana Mortificum
Mana Vitatis + ((Living Creatures + Wizards) / Number of Wizards) * 3.5 30
Equipment - Talisman - Mana Vitatis

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