In the midst of battle sometimes the best route to victory is survival itself and in Chaos Reborn the Magic Shield will provide you such a means. The first casting will add 40 to your defence strength whilst subsequent ones will add 20. Thus, even a weak set of bodygear can be turned into a mobile fortification with your wizard safely protected within.

The Magic Shield is Law Spell with a Casting Chance of 65% or Mana Cost of 35 and for extra protection exists as a Mega-spell in the form of Divine Shield. As such, whether you intend to melee or just want peace of mind during battle, the Magic Shield is an excellent choice for any looking to increase their odds of staying alive until the fight’s end.

Game LoreEdit

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On the Battle MapEdit

Further ReadingEdit

  • Allen Stroud (Official Site) - Scribe of Chaos Reborn's Official Lore.
  • Shield at Wikipedia

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