Magic Attack: Justice is a Magic Attack Spell that can be cast in Chaos Reborn. It can be used on any creature or growth anywhere on the battlefield, but it cannot be used against structures. It can be used against Wizards, but it cannot kill a wizard - it can only remove 2 spell cards from a wizards hand.

It is highly effective against neutral and undead creatures, as well as Shadow Trees and Tangle Vines. Although it is weaker in power than it's Single Attack alternative Decree, it can target 3 creatures or growths instead of just one.

Magic Attack: Justice is a Law Spell. It's Chaos alternative is the Magic Attack: Damnation.

Game LoreEdit

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On the Battle MapEdit

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Magic Attack 3: Justice's Mega-spell is Magic Onslaught 5: Justice.

Further ReadingEdit

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