The howl of a Hellhound is often one of impending doom and this is certainly so in Chaos Reborn for these Undead Creature Units come with the Paralysing Stare special ability. This stare has an attack strength of 50 but rather than killing a foe it freezes them rigid to the spot; all are immobilised and the Undead become vulnerable to being slain by the living. Thus, these hellish beasts will be a nightmare for any enemy to contend with despite their relatively low attack strength of 20 and defence strength of 40.

A pair of Hellhounds can be summoned by casting the Mega-spell Pack of Hellhounds giving a suitably equipped wizard a duo to lead an assault and provide cover for one another.

These Undead beasts are a Chaos Spell with a Casting Chance of 50% or Mana Cost of 50 making them a higher value unit that may take a bit of effort to summon. However, their special ability more than compensates for this and they will surely play a crucial role in many an assault force.

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A three-headed dog, larger than any Katya had ever seen. It was furless, instead scales covered its body, rippling as it moved, stirred from rest by her attention. One head’s attention remained fixed on Brynfrid, but the other two turned to her, the eyes of each glowing like hot coals.

Beasts of legend in many civilisations, Hellhounds were used by wizards as enforcers and guards, their loyalty to their wizard summoner is generally strong, despite their chaotic nature and this made them a preferential creature to use as close bodyguards, particularly as their paralysing stare would enable the capture of would be assassins.

From The Loremaster's Guide
by Allen Stroud & Julian Gollop

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In the Fractured Worlds a Hellhound may also be known as a Barghest.


  • Paralysing Stare: A range attack that can immobilise an enemy. An immobilised Undead Creature Unit becomes vulnerable to attacks from the living.
  • Undead: Cannot be attacked by living entities unless they are Paralysed or an attacker possesses the Undead Slayer Attribute.

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