Order - Hegemony


Hegemony is an Order (Guild) in Chaos Reborn. Its members are Egregoroi who employ a rumored "magical technology" to modify and enhance their physical, mental, and magical capacities. No matter how dire the circumstances or how lost a fight appears to be, the Agents of the Hegemony are extremely dangerous. Agents expect themselves to overcome all resistance, use whatever means necessary, and execute their missions no matter how daunting the odds or how badly outnumbered.. Agents together work as one to subdue the political leadership of the scattered realms and convey the realms' sentient populations to concealed Hegemonic domains. Once a realm is emptied the Agents allow it to disintegrate into the void, themselves already focused on the next task. Only an Agent of the Hegemony is privy to what eventually happens to the escorted sentient races. It is said is that the realms' peoples go willingly and are never heard from again.

Psychological-Horror themed PvP/Realm Guild.

The ruler of Hegemony is the Demigod Glassjaw.

Basic Order Information Edit

Full Name: Hegemony
In-game: Hegemony
Leader: Glassjaw
Order Colours: Monochrome/Scarlet
Chaos Reborn Forum:
Website: pending

Recruitment Criteria Edit

Requirements for Membership: Requirements for membership are Sportsmanship and Non-Disclosure of core Hegemony secrets. Zero-Tolerance for violating either of these requirements for membership. To join the Order someone only need ask Glassjaw/Glas Masv or post in the thread at