Growths in Chaos Reborn are either magical or natural creations grown from the elements.

Basic Statistics Edit

This table contains the basic statistics for each Growth in Chaos Reborn.

Creature, Growth, Structure Casting Chance Mana Cost Attack Defence Magic


Special Ability
Crystal Wall 70% 30 0 100 0 Structure
Gooey Blob 70% 30 10 20 20 None
Magic Wood 70% 30 0 50 140 Blessing
Magic Sanctuary*
Shadow Wood 70% 30 30 70 30 None
Tangle Vine 80% 20 0 200 30 None

*Note: Blessing and Magic Santuary are Unofficial Terms.

Casting Chance and Mana for Failure Edit

The below table shows the amount of Mana a wizard will receive if a Growth Spell fails in a Chaos Mode battle. The quantity of Mana received is based upon the Spell's unmodified Casting Chance and is thus unaffected by the Cosmic Balance or Spell Boost. For example, a Goblin failing to be cast will always yield 5 Mana as its base Casting Chance is 90% even if due to the Cosmic Balance its current Casting Chance is 100%.

Creature Casting Chance Mana Received Casting Chance


Mana Received


Crystal Wall 70% 7 85% 12
Gooey Blob 70% 7 85% 12
Magic Wood 70% 7 85% 12
Shadow Wood 70% 7 85% 12
Tangle Vine 80% 6 90% 12

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