Neutral’s most powerful Creature Unit is the mythological supernatural being, the Giant. This walking battle tank has an attack strength of 120 and defence strength of 100 and is perfect for those looking to break through the enemy’s frontlines leaving only carnage in their wake. It will also strike fear into your foes from a far as it carries a massive boulder on its shoulder which can be thrown at a target with a devastating attack strength of 80. However, the Giant’s size may give it formidable might but it also puts it at risk of becoming surrounded and locked in Engaged in Combat due to its low agility of 10.

This risk of being surrounded can mitigate though by the Giant’s Mega-spall which is the Percussion of Giants and can be found on Neutral, Armoury, Attack, Creatures, Growths, and Marksman Staffs. This powerful summoning brings forth two of the beings who can cover each others’ backs as they march across the battle map.

Giants have a Casting Chance of 40% or a Mana Cost of 60 meaning a wise player will have to plan ahead to create the conditions to be able to summon one in a non-illusionary form but once deployed they will certainly help to swing the tide of the battle in your favour.

Game LoreEdit

He could sense the magic of the creature; a vague wrongness about it. It was three or four times the size of a man, its body covered in sharp spiky fur, now matted with blood around its strangely shaped mouth. It stared back, all four of its eyes focused on him as he struggled to inch back up the slope.

A regressive throwback in human form, Giants exhibit the intelligence of the earliest people. They are difficult to manage, but useful in terms of their strength and height. Many wizards summon them to assist in building lairs and other structures in the fragmented worlds. They have a placid nature which is slow to anger.

From The Loremaster's Guide
by Allen Stroud & Julian Gollop

Alternative NamesEdit

In the Fractured Worlds a Giant may also be known as an Ispolin or a Jotun.

Special AbilitiesEdit

  • One Time Shot: The range attack of this unit can only be performed once.

On the Battle MapEdit


Further ReadingEdit

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