A Chaos Staff is a type of Staff in Chaos Reborn. It primarily focuses on Chaos aligned spells, including Goblins, Skeletons, Magic Attacks (Damnation and Vengeance), and Hydras.

Mega Spells Edit

Mega Spell Mega Spell Cost
Raise Hell 62-80
Scourge of Vampires 62-80
Rattle of Skeletons 62-80
Horde of Goblins 50-68
Destruction of Manticores 58-76
Slither of Hydras 58-76
Pack of Hellhounds 62-80
Shadow Forest 54-72
Gooey Mass 62-80
Stumble of Zombies 62-80
Meteor Shower 62-80

Game Lore Edit

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On the Battle Map Edit

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Further Reading Edit

Wand on Wikipedia

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