The Magic Bolt is perhaps one of the most popular Spells for when your Wizard is on the offensive in Chaos Reborn and now you can construct a defensive Structure that casts them as well in the form of Bolt Towers. These hovering fortifications pack a punch that will make approaching enemy forces think twice with a range attack strength of 30 and a range 3. They are also resilient with a defence strength of 60 however a watchful eye must on speedy foes for a blind spot opens up a possible vector of attack.

Bolt Towers are quite easy to deploy with a Casting Chance of 70% or a Mana Cost of 30 and two can be built using their similarly named Mega-spell. Thus, the Neutral Spell will have a welcome home in the Spell Deck of any player who is looking for a low cost means to shore up their defences.

Game LoreEdit

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Special AbilitiesEdit

On the Battle MapEdit



  • 1.12: Defence raised from 60 to 70.

Further ReadingEdit

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