Bodygear in Forgemaster

Vigilant Bodygear in Forgemaster

A Bodygear is a type of Equipment used by wizards in Chaos Reborn. It's primary use is to dictate how much Attack and Defence a Wizard has, as well as his or hers Magic Power.

There are three varieties of Bodygear - Arcane, Heroic and Vigilant, each one will appeal to different play styles (see below). Arcane Bodygear tends to be favoured by Wizards wanting to keep their distance and cast Magic Spells and Subversions, Heroic Bodygear is the most agile and as such is typically used by Wizards wanting to get into the thick of battle with high attack values, while Vigilant Bodygear is appealing to cautious Wizards who prefer defensive play over aggression. In Classic Mode, there is only one type of Bodygear.

Statistics Edit

Bodygear dictates five key statistics for a wizard:

  • Attack - how much Attack a wizard has
  • Defence - how much Defence a wizard has
  • Magic Power - how much Magic Power a wizard has
  • Agility - how much Agility a wizard has
  • Deck Size - the number of cards a Wizard can go into battle with.

Procurement Edit

A player can obtain Bodygear in many ways.

  • When a Player first logs in to Multiplayer, he or she will be given a free Bodygear (as well as one free staff). The player can choose between an Arcane, Heroic or Vigilant Bodygear. The player will then obtain a random Bodygear of that type, which has been created by "Arcane Supplies Ltd".
  • A Player can buy Bodygear from the Goblin Shop in Limbo.
  • A Player can purchase Bodygear when visiting towns in a Realm.
  • A Player, when he or she has enough Forge crystals, can make his or her own Bodygear.

When a player purchases Bodygear in Limbo, it will automatically get added to their inventory, where they can then equip it for use in either a Realm or in a Multiplayer game.

When a player purchases Bodygear in a Realm, the player must complete the Realm by defeating the Wizard King, in order to bring it back to Limbo and add it into their inventory. If they get banished from the Realm, or the quit the Realm early, any Bodygear purchased in that Realm will not be brought back and added to the players inventory.

Should a player acquire enough Forge Crystals, he or she can enter Forgemaster and create his or her own Bodygear, which they player can then use either in a Realm or in Multiplayer.

You cannot purchase Classic Bodygear.