An Armoury Staff is a type of Staff in Chaos Reborn. It primarily focuses on Equipment spells, including the Magic Sword, Magic Bow, Magic Shield and Wind Walker.

Mega Spells Edit

Mega Spell Mega Spell Cost
Flight of Dragons 58-76
Constellation of Pegasi 47-65
Blessing of Unicorns 51-69
Divine Sword 44-62
Divine Shield 44-62
Divine Bow 47-65
Mega Bolt 55-73
Destruction of Manticores 51-69
Percussion of Giants 44-62
Herd of Elephants 44-62
Pride of Lions 44-62
Magic Attack Onslaught: Justice 47-65
Magic Attack Onslaught: Damnation 47-65
Icarus Towers 55-73
Mass Petrification 47-65

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