Order - Anarchy Wolves Order

Anarchy Wolves Heraldry

The Anarchy Wolves Order is an Order (Guild) in Chaos Reborn. Its members are called 'associates' and have agreed to put aside differences and respect individual beliefs and customs so that they can facilitate strong military and economic ties.

The ruler of the Anarchy Wolves Order is the Demigod and Divine Wolf General Farious.

Basic Order Information Edit

Full Name: The Anarchy Wolves Order
In-game: AnarchyWolves
Leader: Farious
Order Colours: Grey
Chaos Reborn Forum:

Recruitment Criteria Edit

The Order does not have any recruitment criteria and welcomes all. To join the Order someone only need ask Farious or post a request in the thread here:

Full Order Description Edit

Guild of the independently willed, perhaps dominators of others but never the subjugated themselves, the Anarchy Wolves is an ancient order in which many seeking allies or friendship without being judged for past sins have found a place to call home. It is a cosmically non-aligned band of chaos, neutral and law magic practitioners with the average guildsman being one of varying experience but possibly a vicious determination to finish a fight.

As an order the guild shows indifference or tolerance of most cultures and governmental structures preferring to expand its influence through economics and military alliances. The order has thus over time accumulated a treasury rumoured to be large enough to procure most of the land in the Shattered Worlds with little argument from its current owners and signed an impressive number of defensive pacts to create one of the largest military forces in history. The guild has thus become an attractive home to merchant and warrior Egregoroi who appreciate both the financial and combat opportunities available.

Order Crests, Emblems, Heraldry & Icons Edit

The Order's members bare the symbol of the Wolf when they feel is it necessary either as banners, flags, or personal adornments.

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